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Nine Suns 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon

Three Nine Suns Bottles
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Nine Suns Logo


I discovered Nine Suns a few years ago (2018) while in Dallas visiting some collector friends. It was around 2am and we were probably 10-12 bottles deep (as a group) but we decided to pop a few more, because hell… that’s what you do when you’re drunk… make questionable decisions LOL!

Drinking With Hank

Don’t let me in your cellar. We’ll just say its… dangerous.

Nine Suns Dallas

Modus Syrah, Herb Lamb, Nine Suns, Modus Collection, Checkerboard, Continuum

3 Bottles Nine Suns

So even at 2am, this wine got my attention… from the IMPRESSIVE packaging… super thick label paper, EXTRA embossed logo, and all the luxurious accents and details, to the eye popping – deep and intense wine itself.

I was hooked.

Then I started learning more…

Chang Family

The Chang Family purchased this property in 2010 from developer and majority owner of the San Diego Chargers football team, Alex Spanos. The Chang’s three children (Aimee, Jason and Chris) have all been instrumental in the development of the property, winery and brand. Jason oversees the winery (and is a resident of Danville, living only 2 blocks away from us!).

Jason with Jason

Support a Danville local!

Nine Suns Winery

The winery is on their 40 acre property way up at the very end of the road all the way at the top of Pritchard Hill in Napa. To say its awesome is an understatement.

Nine Suns Pad

Looking down on Napa Valley from the crush pad

Nine Suns Cave

The Caves

OMG this is cool.

In the beginning they only sold their fruit to EXTREMELY high end winemakers and brands that shared their vision for excellence.



Bevan Cellars

Lerner Project

Thomas Rivers Brown

Philipe Melka

Julian Fayard

Helen Keplinger

and now…

Modus Operandi 🙂 as of 2021

The wines produced from this vineyard consistently score in the upper 90’s… 96, 97, 98, 99+

Nine Suns Soil

The Soil/Vineyard

Planted in 2004 and farmed by David Abreu (Colgin, Bryant Family, Screaming Eagle, Staglin, Grace Family), this vineyard sits amongst its elite neighbors on soils that are extremely rocky and iron-rich red in color; the same soils that make this district of vineyards known as Pritchard Hill so legendary.

This vineyard is SO CLOSE to such amazing vineyards as COLGIN and David Arthur, Brand, Continuum, Chapellet, and Ovid to name a few.

Nine Suns Proximity

The Winemakers: Philippe Melka & Maayan Koschitzky

If you don’t know… dang… This is “the guy”… Philippe is easily the most famous consulting winemaker in California and he and Maayan are responsible for close to 100… 100 point wines.

Yes, 100 of them.

These guys know what they are doing.

Philippe Melka
Maayan Koschitzky

The Story / Name

The name Nine Suns was carefully chosen to honor their heritage. Nine Suns is part of a Chinese legend (often told to children) where 10 individual suns would rise and set each day taking turns doing so. One day all ten suns rose at once and the earth soon suffered due to the heat.

Nine Suns Legend

Houyi, a mythological Chinese archer was given the task of eliminating the suns – he successfully shot down 9 suns leaving only one, and the vineyard is named after him.


Today we proudly offer…

Nine Suns

2016 Cabernet Sauvignon

$250 per Bottle

Nine Suns Bottle

79% Cab Sauv, 12% Cab Franc, 7% Petit Verdot, 2% Merlot

Tasting Notes: Very deep purple-black colored with quite an earthy/mineral-laced nose with notions of black soil, crushed rocks and truffles with a core of black cherries and black currants plus nuances of wild sage, charcuterie and black olives. The palate is full-bodied and very structured in the mouth with firm, grainy tannins and a lively line supporting the taut, earthy flavors, finishing with great length.

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