2017 Fulldraw Honeybunny


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88% Syrah 12% Mourvedre coming from the Willow Creek area of Westside Paso Robles.

Connor writes… “Our site poses many challenges to growing vines – especially for our Syrah. Just when we think set looks good, strong winds attack the hilltop vines and shatter the clusters bringing our total tonnage to less than two tons per acre. However, the resulting fruit is power packed with concentrated flavor, inky color, and an integrated chalky tannic structure. Canopy management is crucial to developing flavor and ripening our Mourvedre since the vines don’t like to grow. The clusters are treated with the same care and attention as our Grenache. The fruit adds earthy complexity to the pallet while heightening aromatics. Using 85 percent new oak from French cooperages, we know the intensity of the destemmed fruit in this wine can handle the oak influence and greatly benefits from it.

Honey Bunny began when my wife Rebecca and I were walking through a small town in Colorado. As we were hustling through the snow after a day on the mountain, we passed an art gallery that had a painting similar to Honey Bunny sitting on the sidewalk. I have had a passion for the history of war, especially WWII, since a kid speaking to my grandfathers about their experiences. I exclaimed to her, “How awesome would this be on a wine label?!” We ended up commissioning Honey Bunny from the California artist, Michael Bryan – an 8’x4′ piece painted on aluminum. We were able to add small details which spoke to our family and our passions. This piece initiated our decision to collect art for each of our labels.”

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